Gangways in the cloud

For TTS Marine AB, HTM System Solutions has developed an IoT system for port equipment. In Värtahamnen, six gangways has been connected to the system.

Event Log

All events (each press of a button, change of pump pressure, temperature, positions on machine parts, etc.) are time stamped and sent to the cloud. It is then possible to look at events in retrospect, at a certain time arbitrarily far back, and determine what caused them. Without an event log, it is not possible to find out afterwards what caused different situations, for example, to determine if an error occurred due to a malfunction of a part, misuse or a bug in the software.

Alarm and fault finding guide

Alarms are sent immediately and will alert staff to various problems with the gangway. Users of the mobile app receive notifications and can see in an alarm table in plain text what happened. Before the system was installed, alarms could only be detected and inspected locally.

Information Distribution

By sending and storing product data in the cloud, the manufacturer can stay more informed about how the machines are used and how well they work. If, for example, certain alarms often occur, it may be an indication that the design needs to be updated. Statistics and graphs give an idea of ​​how the machine is used and how it performs. It is possible to get an idea of ​​how the functionality can be improved by studying data.

Centralized Database

All data is stored in secure data centers and is easily accessible no matter where in the world you are.


It is possible to view the current status of the machine (setting parameters, sensor values, operator input) via the web and app interfaces, a useful remote support tool.

All events and metrics are sent via 3G to a server, which the different user interfaces can connect to and retrieve information from. In case of communication loss, data is temporarily stored locally until the communication has returned.