Digitalization Of Swedish Industry

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Internet Of Things

Most businesses, from industry to consumer product companies, will be affected by the digitalization. New business models and new opportunities will arise. More and more products are connected in order to be sold as services. A connected product will strengthen the relationship with the customer and will increase the knowledge about their situation and needs.

HTM System Solutions is an IoT solution provider, delivering end to end solutions. We take care of the entire chain, from connecting the product or asset to the cloud and further to user interfaces and enterprise applications. We also help you build services around the products and make sure they run 24/7.

Data collection - data must first be collected in order to be sent to the cloud. We choose the best components and technologies in every situation with the customer's best in mind. If necessary, we will develop custom hardware, with the help of partners.

A gateway, also known as edge gateway, is used (if necessary) for local data processing and for connection to the cloud. Being able to handle data locally may be necessary to filter the large amount of data generated by many sensors and only forward the data that is of interest. We will help you find/develop an appropriate gateway.

We help you analyze collected data and transform it into business value. In the cloud, HTM provides many different types of services tailored to your specific needs. We primarily build the system on top of a stable infrastructure vendor such as Amazon Web Service or Microsoft Azure, but the services can also be run on on-site servers.

HTM helps with development of client-side applications and, if necessary, integration with existing applications. Many times you probably want a mobile application or website to present information about the products/assets. If there are existing enterprise applications that need to be integrated, we will help with this as well.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

We build solutions on reliable, scalable and redundant infrastructure services, like e.g. AWS. We do not invent the wheel if it already exists but instead make sure to keep costs down by using existing proven solutions. We take care of all server management and ensure that necessary security patches are applied.

Examples of benefits with Io

By connecting your machine, factory, infrastructure or building to a cloud service, you generally gain a range of opportunities, such as:

Information about the status of the connected product and information about whether it can perform all functions. You can choose to be notified immediately in case of serious errors, via e.g. an app. In case of a claim, it may be useful to see if the product has been used correctly.

With the ability to see how well the product works and how it is used you get an extra product development tool. By learning how customers use the product you can find opportunities for product improvements or entirely new offers. Statistics about which parts are broken often give an indication of what needs to be improved and re-designed to be service-friendly.

You will have access to a event log and can see what caused an accident, for example. The collected data provides opportunities for upsell, perhaps through the creation of completely new services.

Why HTM?

  • HTM System Solutions is service provider in IoT who takes an end-to-end accountability for the function.
  • We prioritize security
  • We work with the world’s leading cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure
  • We build scalable solutions which keeps working when the traffic and number of users increases
  • We help you with the business analytics, which e.g. means that we look at how the connected asset or product and the data it generates will add value to your business and its customers